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[   ]Antonio Rolo Duarte - The role of sport in British diplomacy.docx09-May-2016 16:15 49K 
[   ]Beatrice Allen - What was the media’s role in consolidating fiscal realism in the General Election 2015.docx09-May-2016 16:15 85K 
[   ]Clara Maure - Case study at the University of Manchester The evaluation of the student-as-customer concept following the rise of tuition fees in 2012.docx09-May-2016 16:15 83K 
[   ]Grace Annesley-Mair - How do images of female jihad challenge and reinforce narratives surrounding women’s agency in.pdf09-May-2016 16:15 2.0M 
[   ]Isabella Leyh - The Myth of 'East' and 'West' Ukraine - To what extent can idenity construct around ethno-lingustic and regional cleavages explain the Ukraine Crisi.pdf09-May-2016 16:15 761K 
[   ]Jack Mellish - Relative Poverty a Measure of Inequality not Poverty.pdf10-May-2016 12:12 337K 
[   ]Jeanmiguel Uva - The impact of Conditional Cash Transfer programmes on social mobility conditions in Argentina and Brazil.docx09-May-2016 16:15 121K 
[   ]Károly Gergely - The Revolution Paradox in the Egyptian Revolution of 2011.docx09-May-2016 16:15 164K 
[   ]Kirstine Rysbjerg Munk - Democracies' Challenge - The Young 'Zappers' from Sofa to Voting Poll.pdf10-May-2016 12:12 407K