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[   ]Abigail Cooper Mapping the Contours of Modern Slavery GMP.pdf25-Jan-2018 15:18 684K 
[   ]Abigail Thomas Investigating attainment diffentials between social groups.pdf25-Jan-2018 15:18 658K 
[   ]Abigail Tomlinson Flexibility and Fatherhood in Europe.Pdf25-Jan-2018 15:18 662K 
[   ]Alice Bloom Patterns in Users Access to Helplines.Pdf25-Jan-2018 15:18 645K 
[   ]Amalie Andersen Werenskiold Student Engagement at the University of Manchester Students Union.Pdf25-Jan-2018 15:18 631K 
[   ]Amina Begum Mapping EU Migrant Families Report.Pdf25-Jan-2018 15:18 652K 
[   ]Amy Bonsall Deprivation in the UK.Pdf25-Jan-2018 15:18 635K 
[   ]Andreea Avramescu Drug Source and Price Analysis.Pdf25-Jan-2018 15:18 675K 
[   ]Andrew Stevens Greater Manchester Combined Authority.Pdf25-Jan-2018 15:18 631K 
[   ]Annabelle Buckland Stop and Search.Pdf25-Jan-2018 15:18 642K 
[   ]Briony Clark The Home Office Police Demands.Pdf25-Jan-2018 15:18 615K 
[   ]Candice Chau IPPR North - Millenial North.Pdf25-Jan-2018 15:18 622K 
[   ]Charlotte York Home Office Investigating police demand and priorities.Pdf25-Jan-2018 15:18 622K 
[   ]Daisy Jensen Ipsos Mori Millenial Cohort Study.Pdf25-Jan-2018 15:18 647K 
[   ]Eleanor Grey HM Prison and Probation Service Impact of Offender Provision.Pdf25-Jan-2018 15:18 674K 
[   ]Elizabeth Adams Manchester City Council. Is Manchester a World Class City.Pdf25-Jan-2018 15:18 652K 
[   ]Eloise Peck International Longevity Centre Health and Austerity in Europe.Pdf25-Jan-2018 15:42 688K 
[   ]Emanuele Filippo Ventura DFID Gender Equality Marker Analysis.Pdf25-Jan-2018 15:18 656K 
[   ]Eva Waite-Taylor BBC North West Tonight Data Journalism.Pdf25-Jan-2018 15:18 649K 
[   ]Florence Harry YouGov Polling and Reputation.Pdf25-Jan-2018 15:18 645K 
[   ]Grace Lauchlan Home Office Psychoactive Substances.Pdf25-Jan-2018 15:18 675K 
[   ]Hannah Thompson Centre for Criminology and Criminal Justice Homicide Landscape.Pdf25-Jan-2018 15:18 609K 
[   ]Holly Clarke Global Public Opinion Project_.Pdf25-Jan-2018 15:18 669K 
[   ]Jack Hughes New Economy Greater Manchester Sector Specialisms.Pdf25-Jan-2018 15:42 604K 
[   ]Jamie Stevenson Pensions Policy Institute.Pdf25-Jan-2018 15:18 635K 
[   ]Louis McKenna Are the University of Manchester Bursaries Levellling the Playing Field.Pdf25-Jan-2018 15:18 738K 
[   ]Merrill Hopper and Luyao Zhang Audiencenet Millenial Dialogue The Global ReportQ-step poster.Pdf25-Jan-2018 15:18 717K 
[   ]Morgan Ward College of Policing.Pdf25-Jan-2018 15:18 660K 
[   ]Sanah Yousaf UK Data Service Levels of Deprivation in the UK in 2011 using Townsend Deprivation Index.Pdf25-Jan-2018 15:18 662K 
[   ]Yanling Guo.Pdf25-Jan-2018 15:18 668K 
[   ]sarah hodgson q step poster pjb.Pdf25-Jan-2018 15:18 646K